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Welcome to the polyhedral world of geometry!


The Geometrist is a paper DIY kit to make models of polyhedra in paper.  The first two products consist of templates for the Platonic Solids, 5 regular polyhedra which have been known from ancient times. The completed polyhedra are in a scale which sits comfortably on the palm of your hand.

Using a simple method of folded paper strips and glued corners, this kit provides outline polyhedral structures, which allows one to enjoy these three-dimensional forms better than surface models, as well as presenting you with possibilities to extend the paper structures beyond the basic polyhedra.



What does THE GEOMETRIST do?

An assembled polyhedron can be a 3D greeting card by writing your message and presenting it. It can also be an inspirational wall ornament in your room. It could be a mobile above a baby bed, to gift a subliminal memory of sacred geometry.

Assembling The Geometrist can be described as “Renaissance of hand-craft and revival of maths-brain through beauty”.  

You will experience;

Stimulation: planning and preparation of a geometrical shape before it exists - clicks a part of the brain not used in everyday life..

Precision: marking on paper, using scissors to cut accurately ( well, it’s no problem to make a few small mistakes! )

Relaxation: while you wait for the glue to dry

Excitement: to find a polyhedra formed by you, in a short amount of time - from flat paper to 3D object with strength

Fun: to decorate them spontaneously in colours

Learning: about the basics of geometry through assembling Platonic Solids and other polyhedra

Influence: by historical geniuses who were into the polyhedral world - Pythagoras, Plato, Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, Escher, Buckminster Fuller and many more!


多面体を作る過程は「工作のルネッサンス - 美しさを通して数学的な感覚を取り戻すこと」と説明することができます。









Who is behind THE GEOMETRIST?

The Geometrist series - both kits and downloadable templates - are designed by Tomoko Azumi and TNA Design Studio.  The Geometrist kits are made in Japan and co-produced by Takeo and TNA Design Studio.

この「ザ・ジオメトリスト」のキットとオンラインで配信する多面体の型紙は、安積朋子とTNA Design Studioがデザイン、開発しました。キットは日本製で、プロデュースには紙の専門商社の竹尾が参画しています。


TNA design studio is a multi cultural design team based in London.  Since being founded in 2005, the studio has undertaken a wide range of design projects in the fields of furniture, interiors, exhibitions and products. It also carries out workshops and research projects.

安積朋子の主宰する t.n.a. Design Studio は家具、店舗インテリア、展示会デザイン、照明器具や家庭用品などのプロダクトデザインを手がけるほか、デザインワークショップの指導やリサーチ・プ ロジェクトも行います。東ロンドンにあるスタジオには、多国籍なデザイナーが集まります。


Since commencing its business in 1899, Takeo has been leading the market in high quality paper for designers and their clients. Dedicated to the ‘Fine Paper’ category, Takeo has worked with Japanese and international paper manufacturers, to fulfil high demands.