In our studio: how it all began



I found one day that I was able to make outline polyhedra using an elementary paper module - folded paper strips and glued corners.

I started from the Cube to make one by one, discovering how beautiful the most basic five polyhedra - Platonic Solids - are. I became excited about extending the collection into Trapezohedron, DaVinci Stars, Deltahedron, Archimedean Solids, Catalan Solids, more complex polyhedra and their compounds.

When I found that there are countless polyhedra and structures one can create from this simple paper module, I wanted to share this joy with others. The paper DIY kit ‘The Geometrist’ was born out of this, and in this blog I want to show the many experiments with my team, and the numerous possibilities of the product.

Tomoko Azumi