Series 2: Platonic Solids Gold

Series 2: Platonic Solids Gold



Content | キットの内容

36 paper strips | 紙の帯36本
5 templates | 5種類の型紙
Instructions | 作り方の説明

With this kit, you can make all of the five Platonic Solids in Gold paper, each in a size which sits nicely on your hand.

• Tetrahedron | 正四面体
• Cube | 正六面体
• Octahedron | 正八面体
• Dodecahedron | 正十二面体
• Icosahedron | 正二十面体

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Five Regular Polyhedra - three-dimentional shapes consist of identical regular polygons with same number of faces meeting at each vertex - were known from ancient time, and first described by Plato (427-347 BC) in one of his books. 
すべての面が同一の正多角形で構成され、どの頂点も同じ数の面が接する5つの正多面体は太古の昔から知られていたもので、プラトンが歴史上初めて記述を残したことから「プラトンの立体 」とも呼ばれます。

The five Platonic Solids in this kit share one circumsphere of diameter 148 mm, meaning that the outer points all touch the inside of that sphere. The scale allows them to fit nicely on the palm of the hand each.

You need to prepare following tools before starting:

-  a pair of scissors / はさみ
- pencil / 鉛筆
- paper glue / 速乾性木工用(または紙用)ボンド
- cocktail sticks / つまようじなど先のとがったもの

When you get the kit, instruction tells you how to use the templates and construct polyhedra.  Some are easer than others - there are indications of easiness/difficulty by numbers of starts in the kit.

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