Hexagonal Asymmetric Right Pyramid

Hexagonal Asymmetric Right Pyramid


Downloadable template and instructions for paper model of Hexagonal Asymmetric Right Pyramid. The completed size is about 130 mm long, and 95 mm wide.


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To complete this model, you also need / このキットを組み立てるのに必要なものは
- 5 strips of paper ( less than half a sheet ) / 紙の帯5本(1/2シート未満)
- a pair of scissors / はさみ
- pencil / 鉛筆
- quick dry paper glue / 速乾性木工用(または紙用)ボンド
- cocktail sticks or toothpicks / つまようじなど先のとがったもの


The Hexagonal Asymmetric Right Bipyramid is a asymmetrical version among the infinite variations of Bipyramids, constructed of 12 triangular faces, 8 vertices, and 18 edges.

This polyhedron’s asymmetric proportion has been especially designed for The Geometrist’s collection.


この立体はThe Geometristのため、新たにデザインされました。